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Sunset Sherbet

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Sunset Sherbet is a delicious strain, which hails from the sweet Girl Scout Cookies, and the mysterious Pink Panties strain. Girl Scout Cookies in addition, has genetics from Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Cherry Pie. The mix of flavors create a truly gourmet medical weed. Sunset Sherbet is a whopping 85% Indica, making this weed especially relaxing and pleasant. Sunset Sherbet is officially classified as an indica dominant cannabis hybrid, boasting an 85% indica, 15% sativa ratio.

Furthermore, Sunset Sherbert offers a mix of effectively uplifting effects. Along with, potent, indica-like relaxation. Users commonly report an initial burst of cerebral energy, sparking creativity, motivation and focus. At the same time, the strain causes consumers to feel physically relaxed while their mind remain relatively sharp.


Sunset Sherbet also has value for medical cannabis patients. Psychologically speaking, it can provide temporary relief, for those suffering from depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. It may also clear blockages, in emotional or creative energy, with its cerebral yet easygoing nature. More physiologically, this strain’s pseudo-narcotic effects, can numb aches and pains. Whether incidental, as due to injury or chronic, from conditions like arthritis or lupus. In addition, it may also stoke hunger for those who have lost their appetites, to disease or to treatments, like chemotherapy. With its optimal balance between stimulation and relaxation. Still, Sunset Sherbet comes with a lower risk of paranoia, and is great for those with anxiety disorders, with a low THC tolerance.


The predominantly indica high creeps up slowly, eventually sinking smokers with a droopy feeling of total relaxation. A thoughtful, dreamy mindset kicks in a little bit later on, making this a great strain for working on creative projects or just watching TV. Moreover, this is the perfect strain, for kicking back on a warm summer evening. If you’re busting it out in social situations, make sure you bring enough to share.


Buy cartridge full gram online. These relatively new and exciting devices have permeated the cannabis concentrate market over the last several years. Quickly,  becoming the go-to concentrate-based product, for both the novice and accustomed cannabis fans. Specifically, Sunset Sherbert is a good strain for taking care of housework, doing outdoor activities, socializing, working on projects or handling stress. Its relaxing effects can also help people, unwind at the end of the day. Sunset Sherbet is a perfect strain to enjoy with some psychedelic music or a visually-stimulating movie.

If you like some sweet tasting flavor and just want to relax and unwind, forgetting all about your troubles. Then, Sunset Sherbet would be an ideal choice. Not only does it give you a nice indica marijuana mellow, but there’s enough sativa content, in the Sunset Sherbet hybrid cannabis strain to keep you energized and uplifted!


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