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Rose OG Packwoods

(3 customer reviews)

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Rose OG

Rose OG is a hybrid strain and a descendant of OG Kush, indica-dominant cross with an enticing floral aroma. It is known for its skunky rose smell and dense node clusters. In addition, Rose Bud offers consumers a relaxing buzz with a pleasant mental sizzle. Rose OG falls under the “beach chair” category, imbuing the consumer with an elevate, lay-back mood.

Importance on the use of Rose OG

  1. This incredible hybrid is also helpful in treating creative blocks
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Helps with appetite loss
  4. Assist muscle spasms

Buy Packwoods 

Each packwood features

  • 2 grams of premium Cannabis  flower. This is all top shelf flowers, lab-test, hand broke and never ground.
  • Dust in kief. Indoor, strain specific, dry-sifted trichomes.
  • High potency concentrate. Strain specific, extract infuse flowers.
  • 100% Tobacco-Free wrap. This innovation is base on the composition of a natural leaf, slow burning and smooth inhale of the flavor.
  • Engineer glass filter. The packwood has a consistent smooth draw from the start to finish.

Moreover, most users say, they enjoy it for its potential in relieving both fatigue and anxiety. Depending on how much they consume, whether attempting to gain energy or gain sleep. This beautiful strain is acclaim for its relaxing effects.

3 reviews for Rose OG Packwoods

  1. Jason

    Rose OG is a totally different beast at the same time. It boasts powerful effects both mental and physical thanks to it’s high THC content. It’s quite a tasty strain perfect for those that love vaporizers, but smokes just as well. Be careful not to smoke too quickly unless your goal is to be incapacitated. Rose OG is quite a tasty strain like most of the OG family


    I’m relatively new to FL medical marijuana. So many brands to learn about and try! This website is very helpful. I’d like to be sitting down with the narrator smoking a joint right now. Both of us sitting there together behind the desk on the IVXX Network.


    this is an incredible flavor, i enjoyed every take
    thanks for the package

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