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Hardcore OG



Hardcore OG


An indica-dominant cross between Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry, Hardcore OG. It is a California strain bred, with the stalwart cannabis veteran in mind. Also, with 80% indica and 20% sativa, THC level 24-28%, dankvapes Hardcore OG is your choice. Experience users who want to drift away from life’s worries, even if only for a few hours, use this vape cart.

Flavor/High Dankvapes Hardcore OG

Vape dank cart, Hardcore OG flowers produce a deliciously piney, lemon pepper flavor. Moreover, With a delicious flavor reminiscent of its Blueberry parentage, dank tank Hardcore OG tastes as good as it feels to smoke.

In addition, dank oil hardcore from it’s name, is not for beginners. dank vape hardcore OG, high is to be hard-hitting and fast, stimulating cerebral activity while boosting mood. Specifically, it comes quick, with a euphoric cerebral stimulation, that leaves your mind completely pain free. This has a slight sense of blissful energy that doesn’t cause anxiety or stress.

Effects and Medical Benefits

Dank vape cart Hardcore Og, effects leave consumers feeling sleepy, relaxed, euphoric, happy, and have an increased sense of general well-being. More so, leaving you completely lethargic and introspective. And, an overpowering couch-lock and a lack of motivation to do anything except float away. Thus, into your own thoughts before falling into a deep sleep.

This strain would be great for consumers looking to relieve stress, depression, headaches, ADHD, insomnia, anxiety. And, other mood issues or minor athletic injuries. Furthermore, Due to its moderate THC level, the Hardcore OG strain is super versatile, and allows for a wide range of medical marijuana users, to find a positive use for it.

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